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How it works

About 10 questions, about 10 minutes. All you need is your script.

Your Goals Matter

The price tag for a project lies heavily on what your goal for the project is. We take your end goal into consideration while calculating the budget to set you and your team up for success. Raising money is very difficult especially if you have no idea how much you will need.


The Frestimator will also figure out how many shoot days to plan for before ever spending a dime. While individual film makers should tweak our calculation to fit their project, the Frestimator is a great place to start especially when looking to raise money.


The Free Budget Estimator or Frestimator. About 10 questions, about 10 minutes. All you need is your script.


Budget Types

Feature Films

Features tend to be 80 minutes to 3 hours. Basic format for theaters but expanded to TV and SVOD in recent history.

Commercials: Coming Soon

Commercials range from 5 seconds to 2 minutes and advertise an event, person, or product.

Shorts: Coming Soon

Shorts are any project under 65 minutes that isn't meant for TV or series. Shorts can be concepts for full features or stand alone short stories.

New Media Webseries: Coming Soon

Webseries are serialized shows that air on online channels or websites, separate from SVOD programs.

Pilots: Coming Soon

Pilots are the first episode of a new TV Show. Wanna see how much your 1 hour cable drama will cost? Try it out.

Live Programming: Coming Soon

Streaming or broadcasting live events differ event to event even if it is a serialized show.

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Our Story

The Frestimator was born from film makers and producer’s frustration answering the question “what’s your budget?” So many variables are dependent on this factor. How much food will cost, crew will cost, your actors, everything. But how can you figure out how big your budget needs to be without knowing how much anything will cost? How much money do your raise? Did you raise enough for what your goals are? The Frestimator and YellowLight are here to help.


Answer a few easy questions and the Frestimator will give a place to start. For free. Results not what you had in mind? Do it again and again until you have the outline to your project's strategy.


Our team and contributors have worked for decades in Hollywood in every aspect of the production process. From legal to accounting, development to marketing, indie to studio level.

Need more?

We hope this tool will help you confidently move forward with your project dreams. If you the Frestimator is awesome, imagine what the paid version can do. Check out what other products we offer.